A Message from the Managing Trustee

Welcome to Shree Swaminarayan Vidhyashram Trust!
We are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic, personal and overall education goals. Here, we believe we have something special for you to offer. Our policies reflect our desire to serve all who would benefit from a school and college education. We strive to inspire successful completion of our students’ academic and personal goals.

Character training is fostered by the environment we create and the opportunities we offer. Students will be given the opportunity to handle responsibilities and also to accept responsibility for their personal actions, to acquire new skills and to make decisions for themselves.

We would desire that our students enter through Gyan Dwar and leave through Shakti Dwar with an inquiring mind, a sense of social and moral values, a sense of service and compassion for those less fortunate, a respect for nature, tolerance, a sense of humor and the attributes to become good citizens of India and the world.

Shree Vishnu Swarup Dasji Swami
Managing Trustee

A Message from the Managing Director

Right from the beginning, the Trust followed a unique approach to serve the community with a vision of providing service through education. The Trust is one of oldest organizations dedicated towards empowerment and social change through offering various courses.

Being bestowed with the monumental responsibility of leading the Trust is a challenge by itself. I am proud that the rise to fame of our institutions not from their high rise concrete structures or from its technological infrastructure, but from its intricately intertwined learning process and human resources, which has been the focus of education in our Institutions in during its years of existence.

I hope that these Institutes will grow rapidly and develop into a nationally known education centre in some selected niche areas which have relevance to the society.

Mr. Rajesh Patel
Managing Director